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Oct 26 2016

October Pet of The Month

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A letter from the owner:
I had always wanted a yellow Lab. After all, we had 7 cats, and a year before dad died my favorite cat, Sunny had died, and I still miss him today. Then in early January, my mom was on Facebook, and saw a post made by a friend of a friend. She had posted a picture of a little yellow Lab puppy that she either had to find him a home within the week or she was going to take him to a high kill shelter. Mom called me over to the computer to show me his picture. I looked at him and immediately proclaimed, “I would name him Max.” I asked what his name was, but we did not know. All we knew was that he was 10-12 weeks old, and needed a home. Mom asked me if I wanted to go meet him. Then she stated that it didn’t mean he would be coming home with us. The next day, we took a long ride to someplace out in the country in Georgia. When we got there, the yellow pup was playing outside and running around. I had never been around dogs,only cats, so I was a little nervous. He came right up to me and licked me in the face! That was different, I thought! I played with the ball with him while mom spoke to the lady. Mom told her that we were thinking of training a dog to be a diabetic alert dog to help take care of me. The lady was originally asking $200 for him. He was a pure yellow lab, but no papers. That didn’t matter to me. I called out and asked the lady, “What’s the puppy’s name?” She yelled back at me, “Max!” I stopped running around immediately. Mom and I looked at each other and knew it was meant to be. They lady said that because we were going to train Max to be a service dog we could have him for free.She had planned on putting him down if she didn’t get him adopted that week. I was so excited! I asked mom, “Please?” Next thing I knew, Max was coming home and we would be best buds! We saved his life.

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