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Mar 09 2017

March Pet of The Month

***JACK*** Our March Pet of The Month!!!

A message from the owner:
I first met Jack when he was 8 weeks old. As I put him back with his litter mates I had no idea that he would be part of my life. Six months later after my heart had healed from the death of one of my other dogs I happened to be talking to Jacks breeder and told her that I was ready for another Smooth Fox Terrier and I asked her if she knew of any breeders with puppies available. She said that she had some available and that she would love for me to pick one out. Two weeks later I met up with her at a dog show and she showed me the pups who were now 8 months old. I soon as I saw them I remembered Jack and knew he was the one for me. Jack is now 11 and 1/2 years old and spends his time patrolling his yard and laying on my lap. He has been a wonderful dog and I hope to have him on my lap for many more years.

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