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Mar 02 2018

March Pet of The Month

***KATNISS*** our March Pet of The Month!!!

A note from the owner:
Carmen Malphrus lives to serve and is privileged to serve Katniss Everdeen Malphrus. Katniss is a Huntress. An alpha female. She just showed up at my house one day while it was under renovations and decided to live there. I never liked cats, but I live to serve Her Majesty’s every need. She lives in the main wing of the house and I’m in the staff’s quarters. She tolerates me long enough to feed her and brush her. She gets dry cat food, wet cat food, kitty crack and bottled water at her food station (served in Wedgewood Patrician soup bowls) and that food bowl better not get low, or she’ll bring me over to it and stare at the bowl. There is nothing in this yard that she doesn’t know about. We have no birds, squirrels, rabbits, lizards, etc. She should open her own security business. She runs a tight ship! I love her guts!!!

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