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Dec 05 2018

December Pet of The Month

A note from her proud parents (Stuart Lindgren & Teresa Towey):
Little Grace, all heart and spirit! As the smallest of her pack, she’s as pugnatious as only a pug can be, she demands only love and affection yet repays ten fold! Suffering from a rare congenital liver condition, she has struggled through the first two years of her life but never complains, never gives up, always in the thick of things, always bringing her love, light and laughter to the world. Dr. Rob, Ruth, Hannah, Kim, Kimberly and Sommer have all had their hand in caring for Gracie and it shows in the remarkable progress she has made in the last year.
Is she living on borrowed time? Perhaps. But she doesn’t know it and frankly, I don’t think she cares.She walks her 2 miles with her big “brother”, packmate Gus, every morning and yes, some days are better than others. But walk she does. We can all learn a valuable lesson from her spirit, her endurance, her attitude and yes, her heart. She truly does personify the name Grace.

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