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Jul 20 2021

July 2021 Pet of The Month

Congratulations to our July Pet of The Month! Addison Hawkins is a very sweet 3yr old Calico. Mom says, “We got Addison in 2019 from the Tabby House in Beaufort. Addison belongs to our sweet little girl Marianna, who is 10 years old and wanted a kitty of her own. They love each other to pieces.”

“During the day, Addison loves to be outside and lounge around in her favorite spot and at night, she curls up on Marianna’s bed. She jumps to eat, out of nowhere like a ninja, as soon as she hears her food being poured into a bowl! She has an older sister cat named Princess, and a German Shepherd brother named Bruce. They all get along very well”. Congratulations Addison!

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