Pet of the Month

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    January Pet of The Month

    Jan 03 2019

    ***MAX*** Our January Pet of The Month!!! This spoiled Rotti just celebrated his 6th birthday no too long ago! Weighing in at around 140lbs, this big baby loves to have…

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    December Pet of The Month

    Dec 05 2018

    ***GRACIE*** OUR DECEMBER PET OF THE MONTH!! A note from her proud parents (Stuart Lindgren & Teresa Towey): Little Grace, all heart and spirit! As the smallest of her pack,…

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    November Pet of The Month

    Nov 06 2018

    ***HURRICANE*** OUR NOVEMBER PET OF THE MONTH!! Hurricane, a 9 year old Dutch Shepherd, is a dual purpose working dog with the Jasper County Sheriffs Office. He is trained in…

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    October Pet of The Month

    Oct 08 2018

    **VENUS** Our October Pet of The Month!! A note from the owner: Venus is a 6month old and weighs about 7lbs. She loves to sleep, dig in the plants and…

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    September Pet of The Month

    Sep 04 2018

    ***CAMDEN*** Our September Pet of The Month!!! Hi! I’m Camden Axe and I’m a 5 yr old pit mix. I’ve been with my family since I was 3 months old…

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    August Pet of The Month

    Aug 01 2018

    ***MAPLE*** Our August Pet of The Month!! A note from the Owner : Miss Julianna Horton Maple is my Maltipoo. She was born October 12, 2016. Maple is a loving…

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    July Pet of The Month

    Jul 10 2018

    ***ATHENA*** Our July Pet Of The Month!!! Athena is a Pitbull who was born in 2017. She was the smallest of the litter when she was born. November of last…

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    June Pet of The Month

    Jun 12 2018

    ***CLAIBORNE*** Our June Pet of The Month!!! My name is Claiborne, aka…”Clay.” I just turned 6 months old. I love long walks on the beach, car rides, playing with my…

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    May Pet of The Month

    May 08 2018

    ***QUINCY*** Our May Pet of The Month!!! Quincy loves to lay in the sunroom and play with his toys… but what he loves most is playing with his twin sister…

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    April Pet of The Month

    Apr 05 2018

    **DORIAN** Our April Pet of The Month!! Dorian will be celebrating his 9th birthday on July 31st Officer Dorian has been with Ridgeland Police Department for a little over 7…