Pet of the Month

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    January Pet of The Month

    Jan 09 2018

    **Bruno** our January Pet of The Month!!! Bruno is 3 months old and weighing in at about 2 lbs! This guy loves everyone, especially his little stuffed animal friend who…

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    December Pet of The Month

    Dec 04 2017

    ***ZOE*** Our December Pet of The Month!! Zoe Jane, 8 years old and full of love and spunk! Lover of naps, snacks and attention!

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    November Pet of The Month

    Nov 07 2017

    ***AJ*** Our November Pet of The Month!! AJ is 16 years old and loves to play outside. She enjoys the inside as well, especially curling up in the recliner and…

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    October Pet of The Month

    Oct 04 2017

    ***GUS*** Our October Pet of The Month!! Gus will be turning *2* on October 18th! He is the sweetest golden-doodle who loves boat rides to the sandbar with his best…

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    September Pet of the Month

    Sep 21 2017

    **SKIPPER** our September Pet of The Month!! A little late due to the Hurricane…. This pup is true to his breed! He just loves the water! Skipper will be celebrating…

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    August Pet of the Month

    Aug 04 2017

    ***ROXIE HEART*** our August Pet of the Month!! Roxie a social butterfly! She loves to come to Palmetto Veterinary Hospital! Actually, she loves to travel anywhere with her parents!! Just…

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    July Pet of The Month

    Jul 12 2017

    ***KATE*** Our July Pet of The Month!! Kate is a 2 1/2 year old English Lab who loves to play fetch and cuddle. She thinks she’s a lap dog.

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    June Pet of The Month

    Jun 09 2017

    ***LUCY*** Our June Pet of The Month!! A message from the owner: Lucy loves people, especially children, she was barely a year old when she took a protective place to…

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    May Pet of The Month

    May 17 2017

    ***BELLA*** Our May PET OF THE MONTH! Bella, along side with her sister “Bonnie”, is a 6yr. old Springer Spaniel who always has a smile on her face!! We love…

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    April Pet of The Month

    Apr 19 2017

    ***GILLIE*** Our April Pet of The Month!!! A message from the owner: September Oaks Gillian aka “Gillie” is a German Wirehair who will be 11 on June 1st. She loves…