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    I appreciated the doctor’s explanation of what he thought was going on and how he was treating our cat (hairballs/barium). I also appreciated Kimberly’s follow up with lab results and new appointment. Good care for both animal and owner.

    Roberta & Carl Weymouth 5-3-20

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    There is an atmosphere that is so welcoming and yet so professional. I look forward to my appointment because the staff is happy to see me and Ellie. Everything from the welcome to the billing is done in the most professional manner.

    They continue to give easy-to-understand diagnoses and follow-up instructions. I know that the staff’s first commitment is to the health and welfare of my beloved dog, Ellie.

    Maryanne Friend 4-22-20

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    Although there is a lot going on, they were still able to see my pet in a timely manner.

    Anonymous 4-19-20

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    Service was awesome! I would recommend 100%

    It was a curbside visit because of the pandemic but it was so easy and convenient as I have a huge dog.

    Carolyn Kelly 4-11-20

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    Dr was very knowledgeable.

    Jan & James McLean 2-16-20

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    I have been out of sorts since Friday. You see, I had to let my little girl, Dixie, go to the rainbow bridge. It was out of the blue, a surprise. I took her to the vet to figure out why she wasn’t using one of her back legs. The plan was to sedate her so he could take x-rays. They took her out of the exam room and had me wait, then a short time later, Dr. McBrayer came and got me. I could immediately tell by his tone and demeanor that this wasn’t good. He showed me the x-ray and I immediately knew, she had cancer in the hips. There was a mass the size of a baseball. I knew she had been in pain and there was no cure. They asked what I wanted to do. Mary was working at the hardware store and I texted her to call me. I felt like I wasn’t doing the right thing, that I needed to tell her in person, but the circumstances would not allow it. I think she knew something was wrong and I told her the news. We discussed the options and knowing the pain she was in decided it was time to let her go. I told the folks at Palmetto Vet of our decision and she went peacefully. Any of you that have pets know the pain of their loss, they touch us so deeply. Dixie was one of those once in a lifetime dogs.

    She came to us in March of 2013 through a pet rescue. Her name was Gypsey and she was about 9 months old. She had led a troubled life. She had already been in 5 homes. The person that had her said she really didn’t like men but agreed to a meet and let’s see what happens. When I got to the meet I stepped out of the truck and was immediately bowled over by this beautiful girl. From that day on she was definitely my dog, much to Mary’s dismay. The first thing I did when we got home was to give her a fresh start by renaming her Dixie. She has been my constant companion since, riding in the truck, going to the woods, boating and family gatherings. While she was a little skittish to most (particularly men), once she got to know someone she was the sweetest girl ever. She had a special place in her heart for her Grandpa (Willock Horton), and all of our kids and grandkids. She got along great with our other pets but despised a cat…Might have gotten that from me, who knows. I do want to thank Dr. McBrayer and the staff at Palmetto Veterinary Hospital for their professionalism and compassion during this ordeal. I have been using that practice since Jimmy Cooler was there and have always had a good service from them. The folks there today are kind and truly love animals, as they expressed with their kind words and actions. I hated to let her go, but know she’s in a better place. She is there playing with Lady, Bassie, George, Pearl, Sassy, and Barkley. RIP Dixie Girl.

    Bill Horton 2-3-20

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    Pets are taken well care of and the staff are friendly! Great Service!

    Vett B 1-31-20

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    Just stay the same. No improvements needed. Everyone can improve, but I think you have covered everything!

    Robert and Kathleen Yanosky 1-23-20

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    The BEST Vet and Staff!! So helpful and always a pleasure!!!

    Jeffrey Borthick 1-31-20

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    We love y’all!

    Angela Lloyd 1-18-20